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BelongingIQ helps employers increase employee engagement and boost workplace experience. We do this by providing novel, bespoke tools to create diverse, inclusive, safe and engaged workplaces rooted in Belongingness. Our approach is based on the view that diversity, inclusion and safety foster belongingness, and high belongingness is linked to increased productivity, better job performance and satisfaction, increased retention and team work, among others.

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We are passionate about infusing workplaces with belongingness. Because we know it’s many benefits for individuals, teams and organizations at large. Among those benefits to organizations is a high sense of engagement that results from a sense of belonging. So, to help our clients increase engagement, improve performance, embed diversity and inclusion, and boost retention, we provide them tools to help them reimaging and then recreate organizational culture by increasing their Belongingness Quotient. We deliver this through our proprietary Belongingness Quotient Model, individual services or a combination of services.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are cornerstones of a high belonging culture, and hallmarks of a people- focused, customer- centric, innovative organization. Within this specialty, our primary focus is helping organizations demystify diversity and inclusion to educate their people and get “more hands on deck”, and to embed diversity and inclusion within their organizations. Our services here therefore include program or policy design and implementation support, chats, training and talks or speaker series.

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Engagement and Employee Experience

The impact of the pandemic has left many organizations grappling with the Great Resignation, disengagement and even lower morale. With the understanding that belongingness has a high positive correlation with engagement and performance, we educate organizations, and provide consulting and programs that help them improve engagement.

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Redefining Speak-Up Culture

A speak up culture is, to us, one that allows a free exchange of ideas, feedback and engagement in a respectful an inclusive manner. We see speak up as far more than just reporting complaints. That’s why our focus with this specialty is on helping organizations redefine Speak Up, and redesign their speak up programs and policies to a version that still promotes safe reporting of complaints, but goes well beyond that to improve psychological safety and foster a sense of belonging among their people.

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Invisible Minorities

Many organizations are committed to diverse and inclusive workplaces. However, many organizations focus on large, visible minority or marginalized groups while missing less visible minorities or marginalized groups. Our focus within this specialty is on raising organizational awareness about this gap, and equipping them with the proper tools to ensure that single parents, poor or socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals, immigrants and veterans/veteran spouses are as visible and heard within the larger DEI conversations, programs and action plans.

Our Offerings

We provide the following serices to deliver in our core areas of focus:

Training And Awareness

Our training is aimed at raising awareness and is delivered live, virtually or on-demand

Training And Awareness

Advice And Consultation

We consult and provide solutions on all aspects of the employee life cycle

Advice And Consultation


We prepare organizations and leaders to effectively communicate to internal and external stakeholders


Design Programs and Policies

We partner with you to design new programs and policies, review, and audit current ones to ensure they still meet your DEIB goals and comply with any applicable regulatory, legal or court-mandated requirements.


To ensure your program meets the specific needs of your organization, we work closely with you on strategy calls and meetings to:

  • Review any areas of concerns or identify specific needs of your organization
  • Review policies or practices that affect your efforts around DEIB
  • Assess your demographic data to understand where there are gaps or opportunities in the workforce
  • Understand any unique circumstances that may be affecting your programs including employee feedback, pending or threatened legal action

Design and Rollout

We also partner with you closely throughout the design process to ensure that:

  • We understand your organization’s objectives and that they are well aligned to your DEIB strategy
  • We design a “buy-in and support strategy” to ensure senior leaders and employees understand, are bought into and support the DEIB program
  • We prepare a communication plan for before, during and after the rollout
  • We help you roll out the new initiative or program and stay as involved as if needed to embed the initiative across the organization

Measure and Adjust

Post implementation, we work with you to:

  • Measure success at major milestones and against goals
  • Share those outputs with key stakeholders
  • Make necessary adjustments
Design Programs and Policies

How We Work

Engage and Electrify Your People Through Belonging

Engage and Electrify Your People Through Belonging

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