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We are a workplace consultancy focused on markedly improving the employee experience, boosting employee engagement and embeddding diversity and inclusion by focusing on Belonging as a key marker of your organization’s culture. We partner with you to transform your workplace into an I.D.E.A.L.S. community. Coined by our Managing Director, Abam Mambo, the I.D.E.A.L.S. organization is rooted in belongingness and is one she describes as Inclusive, Diverse, Engaged, Aware, Leading and Safe.

Why Belongingness?

We focus on Belonging because we understand that:

1. Humans’ inherent need for belongingness according to psychologists, doesn’t stop when we enter the workplace. 
2. According to research, there is a 91% correlation between a sense of belonging and high engagement. Employees who feel a strong sense of belonging tend to be much more highly engaged than those who do not have a sense of belonging in the workplace.
3. Highly engaged employees tend to be 77% more productive, to see a 56% increase in performance, to better team players and great stewards of the company and its resources.

So, we assess and strengthen your Belongingness Quotient through our uniquely designed tool and partner with you to implement its outcome. We do this with the understanding that no two companies are the same, or have the same needs. Our Belongingness Quotient model (BQM) is designed with a few iterations to meet different needs.

We work across industries with small, mid-size and large enterprises or organizations with a local or global footprint.

Engage and Electrify Your People Through Belonging

Engage and Electrify Your People Through Belonging

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